Thursday, 24 June 2010


Name: Vee
Age: 19 (20 in like a few weeks)
Location:Stafford/Nottingham , England.
Occupation: Student.
Studying: Film Production but i really want to go into fashion
Relationship Status: Taken.

Interests: languages, travel, Japan, fashion, socialising, parties, clubs, music, movies, photography, blogging, reading models blogs, shopping.
Peeves: Ignorance, liars, arrogance, people that are never on time, flakky people .

Idols: Audrey hepburn, My mum, Tim Burton [not so much now], Hunter S Thompson.

Info: I am currently studying at University in Stafford , England. I am in my Third year and have recently come back from greece my outlook on life has changed so much,i have decided to be more positive and keep all the negativity out of my life. I am interested in Japan; mainly the culture, language, fashion and would like to travel not just to japan but all over the world as the world interests me more than ever, i have been bitten by the travel bug.

I love gyaru especially now i think i am coming into my own with it, i loved mitsu's post on mode gal and think this is the style for me its so sophisticated, i have been trying gyaru for much time now and whilst everyone makes mistakes i don't like how much drama is caused from it, this is not only aimed at western gyaru but also asian as well i imagine they have similar problems occasionally.

I love blogging, especially about fashion and Gal related topics including dieting. If you read my blog, I can promise you will continue to find interesting up-to-date posts about travelling, fashion, dieting and of course sometimes it is about me.

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