Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas ....

So I will try to update over christmas but it'll be on my mobile so I can't promise anything amazing.

I will probably be working most of it, seeing my family and going to meet my boyfriend's parents over new years.

But it'll be nice to have some low down time.... where I'm not really worrying about much apart from what am i going to do today.

Ciao xxx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Recipe: No Butter chocolate cake!

I don't know about healthier its just that it was getting to the end of the year and everyone is poor, but we all love cake.

For this recipe you will need:
  • 2 eggs
  • 215g caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 160ml olive oil ( Actually used vegetable oil, I'm a student can't afford luxuries)
  • 60ml low-fat milk
  • Cocoa powder, extra, to dust

To make this you will need to :
-Preheat the oven to 180C(350F) line a 19cm cake tin with greaseproof baking paper.
-Mix the eggs and sugar together until a pale yellow colour, then add the vanilla and mix.
-Combine flour and cocoa together with the sugar mixture, it should get a bit like dough but don't worry.
- Then add the oil and milk and mix until combined, it goes like a brownie mixture.
-Spoon the mixture into the cake tin and bake for 30 mins or until there are crumbs on a skewer.
-Leave to cool and dust with the extra cocoa powder.
- Best part eat it nomnomnom!

This is actually my celebration cake for getting this semesters work done, it stresses me out but i know it'll be worth it in the end.

It tastes like brownie which I'm not complaining about.

Comfort Food

(Disclaimer not my photo)

My comfort food is usually anything involving potato and/or cheese and the bacon was an added plus.
All I did was gain these ingredients enough for two or one if you're having a particularly bad day.
-4 medium potatos
-Cheese (about a handful or more)
-Bacon ( about 4 rashers)

Chop potato into wedge like shapes and depending on how you like your bacon ( I like mine crispy) put small chunks of bacon in with the potatos on a baking tray at 180C or 350F. Just before they are due to come out add a handful of cheese and melt. Serve and instantly feel better.

What is your comfort food?

Also for those of you wondering my DVD project is coming on okay now although I still need to test it (my boyfriend just tested it and it works hurray!) and make a front cover but its almost to handing in. Also need to print the flowchart.
Money wise, still no news on that front. Rang the job centre my appeal is still going through, Student finance sent a letter and refused to tell me so I could tell my mum to fill it out. Also called my Christmas job but no-one picked up (-_-') so will try again tomorrow so I can find out my shifts for working. Then tomorrow, hand in, probably call my mum / work and maybe the crisis loan people so I can actually pay my rent. For those of you worrying my situation should be better in the new year and I can contribute with fun posts and maybe more recipes, I'm hoping to bake tonight so maybe I will post the recipe to that at some point.... Should really queue posts up for when I'm not feeling up to blogging so i won't bore you with my sadness.

Ciao xxx

Sunday, 11 December 2011


So I have my deadline in literally two days so that's why I took a day off blogging and today on a Sunday I have literally spent the whole time trying to do this DVD project. But I am feeling a bit more confident with it now since my lovely boyfriend fixed some technical problems I was having, it really makes me wonder why I did a technology course instead of an art one.
But now tomorrow all I need to do is design a front cover, subtitles and burn to disc ready for hand in. It's so exhausting as well as all that I have to make several phone calls, remember to eat and keep trying to get money so I can buy presents and pay my rent at the end of the month.....
In fact its been really hard today to remember to actually eat as I've been so stressed on this project, but I've just gone over the marking criteria and I seem to have met everything they want apart from creative and innovative ways for the DVD as its actually really hard to make a proper DVD.
Also after my interview at McDonald's, I got an e-mail saying I haven't got the job, I'm just going to put that down to already having a Christmas job (that's one of my phone calls tomorrow) and being too over qualified. They mostly hire school leavers and I'm almost on my way to getting a university degree, so I'll just keep applying for the Admin jobs I have been.

Friday, 9 December 2011

One of 'those' days....I

As the title states it has been one of those days, I really do try to stay positive when winter comes around but I can tell you its hard. Winter is a perfect excuse to try new flavour teas though that seems to cheer me up.

Anyway I went to the job centre and they still seem to think I am a full time student even though I have given evidence opposing this fact. I also made a slight mistake when I uploaded my passport I sent the wrong upload to McDonald's and now I feel a bit of an idiot and fear they won't hire me for my silly mistake.

Next is the first thing that triggered my bad day as I have short hair I sometimes struggle curling it, so I thought that I would try the no heat curling method apart from them being an absolute pain to sleep in, I just kept thinking about my beautiful curly hair in the morning. Except it wasn't, I looked like a poodle or one of those old lady perms. I got so angry I think I scared my poor boyfriend but he was a saint as usual let me have my tantrum and went to make me breakfast.

Then when we were walking to his with all our heavy stuff from mine, it started raining and hailing and me not being smart only has shorts and tights at the moment so I was freezing and wet and complaining. I hate the cold at the best of times I might add, so when I get money I am definitely investing in a pair of jeans.

Oh and might not actually have enough money to get home for Christmas.

Ciao xx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ramen and Interview

This is the picture of mine and my boyfriends ramen from the university shop yesterday I got hot and spicy and my boyfriend got chicken, his tasted like sunday roast dinner. We put extra chicken in not sure if that helped. Today we're trying beef and kimichi flavour, although my boyfriend informs me that kimichi is just like rotten cabbage. We'll see how it goes haha. \(^-^)/

Today I had my interview at McDonald's, it went really well as it was simple customer service questions and in the on job evaluation it was basically watching someone else do it and them telling me always offer large because that makes the most profit, also makes your waistline grow. Anywhom I can't get a definitive answer about the job until I scan in my passport and e-mail it to them, I might show you my passport photo on here since it looks nothing like me if anything i look of Asian decent which is weird cause I'm 100% English. But yeah it was a 40 minute walk in the cold and wind at 10.20am and then when I left it was raining and I couldn't even put up my umbrella because the wind was so strong it kept blowing it inside out. (-_-')

Anyway thats it for now

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So today began the first three of my meetings I might add these are all to get money so I can afford christmas gifts for my family, close friends and my boyfriend.

So this meeting was to get some money from my university, the guy doing the presentation looked like a 1930's train station master and was really eccentric. But anyway it meant that i could get my form signed and then I have to hand it in once i have an envelope for the application. But that was boring.

Thursday I have an interview for McDonald's not exactly glamorous but it pays and hopefully I can get something and my christmas job won't stop me. It's an on job evaluation interview, which means you do a little bit of work like what you'd be doing if you got the job and then you have a normal interview, which worries me because I get really nervous in interviews but i should be okay.

My final meeting this week is another one at the job centre which i don't know why i bother because its not like they are helping me to get a job, or actually paying me benefits which i'm entitled to which is why i hope the university one can help me much more.

Whilst all of this is going on i have to make a working dvd like professional quality i'm not even sure i can do it but i will try my best i have to, so i can pass and get my degree i would really like to graduate this year so i can actually get on with my life which will actually probably consist of me saving up money so i can teach overseas.

I'm also super sad because i can't see my mum before she leaves for her holiday and she's not going to be around for christmas and I'll only see her a few days before i go visit my boyfriend for new year's eve.

Anyway that's why i'm super busy, but my boyfriend has been amazingly supportive with everything i don't know what i'd do without him. We're both going to karaoke tonight for a friend's birthday even though we can't afford to buy drinks it'd be nice to socialise.

Ciao xx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Recipe: Mushroom risotto

(not my picture but it looks a bit like that)

Cheat's mushroom risotto

-Handful of mushrooms (I used button, but you can use shiitake, chestnut or anything you can find a mix of them is always tasty)
-1 onion
-Cup of rice
-1 tablespoon of creme fraiche ( sour cream would work as well)
-Garlic (1 clove i actually used garlic salt)
-Stock cube (you can use chicken or veg)
- pinch of salt and pepper (if you didn't use the garlic salt)

1. Boil the rice with the stock cube and water that way the flavour gets into the rice.
2. Once rice is boiled, fry the onion and mushrooms together with a bit of butter and/or oil.
3. Once onions are lightly browned, Add the boiled rice in, if you think it might get a bit dry add extra water in.
4. Add garlic salt, creme fraiche and pepper.
5. Mix and serve, Garnish with herbs if you have them.

I hope you enjoyed this, i might be doing some more recipe posts later.

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Saturday, 3 December 2011


Since its the winter months, I decided to get motivated to do exercise, eat better and most importantly because I always neglect it to drink more.
So far I have been doing really well, exercising, doing yoga and more importantly its easier to do to happy music.
The diet and exercise is mainly to pick my mood up as its been down due to the winter months and due to financial reasons which is getting ridiculous now. But positive it can only work out from here.
Also to help exercise me and my boyfriend are walking up to the castle in our university town, I'll take pictures this is also weather depending. Its an hour walk so we're gunna set off early and pack a lunch up, which will include my delicious orange drizzle cake I am making tonight.

If anyone has any tips on reducing portion sizes or staying motivated let me know?

Ciao xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

You set my skin a blazing

Well I don't have too much to type up here since I've gotten sucked into the tumblr hype but I will see what I think is post worthy.

I can actually afford to pay my rent this month after begging the bank to extend my overdraft so I could, I'm still waiting on benefits eurgh, if that doesn't go through I will have to use my university and try for this access to learning fund which is great for people in my situation. I just have to basically say I don't have a lot of money due to being part time and not being able to find a job and they should give me some extra money to help with my study and living costs.

Speaking of study, I've finally got photoshop on my laptop so I'm trying to get my skills up if anyone knows any tutorials that would help send them my way... I'm mainly looking at the moment for something that would help me look for video/DVD type things, maybe at a later date I'll look into photoshopping pictures for beauty purposes. Another project of mine includes making different paper maiche heads with balloons and newspaper as I'm looking into how to do 360 degree sound as its quite innovative and maybe will become as popular and hopefully not in a gimmick way that 3D has.

Dating life: Well pretty much been living round my boyfriend's for like a month and a bit now maybe a bit more who knows, its kinda comfy and nice but sometimes there is a bit of tension of not having your own space but its fine. I mostly do a lot of the housework if he plays games and stuff but recently I've given him more responsibility in cooking he made fajitas last night which actually were really good but I see it this way if he can cook as well i get a break from it once in a while.

Ciao xxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011


This is a picture of me and my boyfriend after watching the Christmas fireworks, it sounds ridiculous saying that in November but yeah in my university town they turned on the Christmas lights and had a mini carnival thing going on. We went with my boyfriend's housemate Rob too, he won a duck on hook a duck!.
Anyway it was really nice and romantic and I'm beginning to associate fireworks with our relationship when things get intense or something it somehow brings us closer which is amazing, he said that one day he wants to move in with me ^-^.
Basically not really done much the coming weeks even though I seem to be constantly busy its more like University work, looking for a job and trying to sort some sort of income so I can pay my rent this month, cause unfortunately I can't ask my mum for money like most university students can so I'm really learning the hardships of life at the moment. Being positive though that it will pick up and get better.

Ciao xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

KatoKathy's 1st Anniversary Giveaway

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Winter times

So I know technically its still autumn in England, but to me its starting to feel like winter. And I'm developing the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, its kind of like a depression when it gets cold and dark this time of year. I mean I've never really enjoyed playing out in the snow as a child but now whenever it gets cold I always get ill and so very sleepy.

To counteract this I'm trying to get better at make up if I have another photo shoot or just generally get my look together as I seem to spend more time in my boyfriend's clothes than I do actually mine. I'm also trying to grow my hair out which is another thing getting me a bit down cause I always get to the awkward stage of where its not quite long or short its in-between and then I just get it cut cause I'm like this isn't a hairstyle plus my hair grows rather thick it ends up looking bushy but I'm hoping to get past that so I can enjoy longer hair again as I can do much more with it than short hair.

Also I have ridiculously dry skin in winter, I'm washing with like simple soap with no additives or things like that and moisturising with cocoa butter lotion but it still seems like really tight and dry..... Do any of you readers have any tips for this? Maybe I'll add in a home made exfoliante to help get rid of the dry skin.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


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This is an amazing giveaway i hope you all join! It is open internationally and will close 23rd december 12pm GST
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Ciao xx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sooooo ....

Now work and that has calmed down I can update you lovely readers on what has been happening firstly let me show you some Halloween things......
As you can see I dressed up as snow white whilst my boyfriend went as Eddie riggs from brutal Legend.... (hope he doesn't mind me putting his picture here)
Also as you can see at the start of this post we made pumpkins, mines the bat shaped one.
Been on a recent cooking hype as it calms me down when i've got a lot of work to do these are only two examples of what me and my boyfriend cooked.
Blackberry tray bake and cinnamon whirls. The blackberries were picked when me and my boyfriend went for a walk in the woods.....
I was getting pretty stressed this week due to an essay but i handed it in a day early so i'm much more relaxed and tomorrow i have to get up early but i'm okay with that because its for my own financial benefit.
I also applied for my old job back that i had two years ago, so hopefully something will come of that .
Upcoming things in my life include: meeting my boyfriends sister tomorrow, and basically being drunk the whole weekend as its my birthday weekend i might post his presents and some pictures from the party on here too :)
ciao xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween and other things

Halloween is my favourite time of year, I want to buy all the kids things for Halloween and wear them everyday. This year for Halloween, I'm going as snow white again, this time I might zombie up or just go as normal snow white, I'll decide nearer the time.
I've been really busy recently trying to get my final year project proposal in and researching more, and job hunting and more recently trying to sneakily make my boyfriends presents, hehe which is cute but really hard to hide things.
The thing I'm most excited about this week is I'm getting a tattoo, its one I've been waiting for,for a while, this is one me and my mum are getting for symbolising my great grans passing away a few years ago so I'm travelling home on Friday evening to get it.
Another thing that's getting to me, is that I have an essay that I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing but I have two weeks to do it so I'll manage somehow.
I've been living at my boyfriends for like over two weeks now and strangely its not that bad i mean i'm really enjoying my time with him and its not bad at all, we cook and bake together which is amazing.


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happy World Zombie Day

So as I don't think I have ever stated in this blog, I have a huge love for all things zombie and I pretty much mean all... well apart from those creepy sex toy things or zombie porn, I mean seriously who watches/buys that stuff its just weird.
But to mark this occasion me and my man have decided to have a day where only the undead are involved now this doesn't mean eating mouldy food that's weird, but playing games with undead in and watching films with the undead in, which to me sounds super awesome. Financially my life isn't great I won't tell you how bad but lets say its made me resort to getting a job at McDonald's or at least applying. Apart from that I've kinda moved in with my man, now apart from usually being scared in these kind of situations, you know where it gets all cosy and you're just thinking when did I turn into one of those couples; Its actually really cool, as I can do my own thing and we can be with each other as well. Also this way we can look out for each other health wise and financially, I mean sure they'll be times where we'll still hang out at mine but I kind of like being at his, I get on with his housemates, I like the atmosphere and to be honest the only downside is at his house he has a single bed so its cramped sleeping conditions but we're still in that honeymoon cuddly in love phase.

Ciao xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


So yesterday I went on a walk with my man, it was really funny cause he was from the countryside kinda and I've grown up in cities all my life. So when we had to walk through a cow field he laughed so much when I was like 'OH my god, that cows coming towards us!' , I might add it was nowhere near us nor even remotely interested in us. But yeah it was lovely actually seeing the countryside but it took it out of me.

I've also been baking not the most amazing food but it was alright as well as making risotto, domestic goddess award here I come, haha not really i just like making people happy through food. Although i've been a terrible friend recently cause i feel too tired to do things or just constantly feeling like i've outgrown people like i was ready to leave university and now i'm not due to having to stay there but i feel like i'm much more grown up than my 'friends' as they're immature smoke and drink all the time i feel like i'm past that really.

Thats all i have to say currently as i'm working hard and trying to actually pass this year.

Ciao xx

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sunshine moments

Well here it has been beautiful all week, the sun is shining, my boyfriend hosted a BBQ yesterday and it was delicious even if I am feeling a bit worse for wear at the moment. I still don't have a proper student card I need to pick it up tomorrow, it just means this uni is a joke. I finally got my loan in and unfortunately its only enough to pay rent and bills nothing else, no food or outings so I got upset about that earlier in the week. However, my gorgeous man has offered to help me out which is really lovely, my knight in shining armour, but yeah I generally hate borrowing money off people or relying off other people for money.

We went karaoke on Tuesday as well and got stupidly drunk on fish-bowl cocktails, I sang a few songs and made some friends even if I'm still cynical about the freshers all fresh faced and full of expectations, soon they'll just be brought down to the same cynicism as me.

However later today I'm going food shopping and going to eat the rest of my steak pie I cooked earlier in the week for my beautiful man, I feel like a proper housewife at the moment sorting out the house and meals whilst he's at university and supporting me financially aha, its kinda cute in a scary way, how quickly we've settled down with each other but sometimes you just feel a huge connection and that's what I think we have.

This Friday we're going out again drinking its 'my hero' night so I think I'll pull the old cat-woman outfit out to see if it fits me since my weight keeps fluctuating, sometimes when i eat too much I want to just get rid of the food in my body I mean I love the taste of food but sometimes I just feel like the world judges me if I put on a tiny bit of weight... I'm trying not to go back to my old ways though as I'm better than that.

Ciao xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Weeks gone by....

So this past week I've not really been doing much but hanging out, I went to the dentist on Tuesday and he told me I had a healthy mouth which was a shock, cause my previous dentist would always moan I'm not brushing my teeth properly so he's obviously wrong. Then in the evening I caught the train back and got dressed up to go to karaoke, which was fun but they didn't have the lyrics to the song I wanted to sing. Also should probably mention now that the guy I saw on Monday for my date is now my boyfriend and I really love him its strange cause like its early days and that's weird for me but we've been hanging out watching TV and playing games, I'm so ridiculously addicted to dead rising 2 but that's cause its pure zombie killing and simple controllers. Also went out last night it wasn't too bad apart from the bar was ridiculously packed and my claustrophobia went crazy, I thought I was going to throw up so much because people kept pushing me.

Today we're going to check out the carnival we have at the uni, its £3 and you get to go on unlimited rides plus they have cotton candy and a fancy dress shop and a BBQ but this also saddens me as our loans haven't come in yet so I'm literally surviving off my boyfriend. I'm going to pay him back in home cooked meals and get him a really awesome birthday present i might even make him a card or something y'know something sentimental cause thats how i am.

Ciao xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011


So finally moved into my new house, been a little busy to do a video tour like I planned to show. I'll get round to it once my room is tidy again, already developed a floordrobe. So basically been getting excited about my new house and geeking out to Doctor Who now its back, also now i have proper internet been catching up with true blood as well.

Apart from TV, I got very drunk on my second night back at uni, it wasn't brilliant whilst i wasn't buying many drinks i did manage to be completely drunk, black out most of the night and end up throwing up into a bag, it wasn't pleasant to deal with in the morning.

Then lets see monday I had a date, we went to the cinema to see inbetweeners which was hilarious and then we went to frankie and benny's after which was not bad conversation wise but i wouldn't say perfect date setting people constantly singing happy birthday, children and loud noise generally, I picked it though because the food is generally good but not this time so i might stop going there altogether really as that's the second time its been bad. After the date we went back to mine as it was close and had tea and watched some films it was going pretty cool until i broke my bed... so after this we trek across town at 6.30am so i can get some sleep this was after convincing and crankiness. Then i just seemed to spend the next few days at his and well to be honest it was pretty awesome, i won't go into the gorey details but he pleases me and we're pretty compatible on the weirdness scale we watched some Tv series, played zombie games and basically chilled out. And then it kinda hit me, i really liked this guy, let's call him dimples hehe, and well we basically decided to make it exclusive and even though i try not to admit it i'm pretty happy about it, it may seem a bit quick to you readers but we'd been chatting all summer and basically went from there. Anyway i'm truly sleep deprived so i'm gunna spend the evening eating cake and drinking tea whilst catching up with Tv shows.

Ciao xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011


So first of September, I'm going back to uni in a few days which will be nice to have my independence back and to see my friends. But anyway we'll get on with the title, I'm trying to get negative people out of my life so I can feel more positive. Have you ever been with someone who brings the whole mood down in the room? Well these are the people I'm talking about people who don't enjoy life, have no ambitions and just act like a black hole for positivity. I recently found these people affect my moods when I'm with them, so if I change this maybe I'll become happier and maybe even stop picking faults with how I look as this is what people will focus on. In other news I might be lining up the dates for when I go back to uni hopefully somethin may come out of it.
Ciao xxx

Monday, 22 August 2011

My first photoshoot

These are some of favourites from the shoot with the wonderful Beth Von D, she made me feel so at ease and gave me some tips for any other photoshoots i may have in future. And luckily I had this on the thursday because on the friday i had an unfortunate accident which involves a medical condition of mine and I in the chaos of this faceplanted a table and bust my lip and now it looks like i've had botox and its gone wrong due to my lip now gunging which means i missed out on my photoshoot today which disappoints me.
Ciao xx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Location, Location, Location


So after finishing this great deal of uni work, what do i do load even more work onto myself, as i have a photoshoot next thursday, woah exciting and nerve racking. I've been looking for a location as i know i want the shoot to be avant garde and kinda animalistic, this is one of the locations i have found but i'm really unsure about it after seeing how it photographs. I'm still looking as i have till next wednesday at the latest to finalise something.

Ciao xxx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Theres no modern romance

The above pictures are from the past couple of days, the first being my taking part in anti riot. Operation cup of tea. Where decent humans of England have a cuppa instead of rioting. The other two are from dying my hair it seemed like it would go super red but it didn't.
Yesterday I went to see my friend rich, it was alright until I got a phone call saying that a riot might be happening in Derby so it was best I left. Later that evenin I got offered two dates on was from rich, I again turned them down that's 4 dates I've turned down what's wrong with me? I thought girls are meant to love this stuff. Apart from that I still think I'm hung up on my ex and I've recently cut ties with my friend with benefits. I can deal with everything but love and romance I swear I'm summer Finn in 500 days of summer.
Ciao xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

So Take a Swallow As I Spit

So the above pictures are little snapshots of my party that i has for my 21st. Apart from that i've been on pure uni work and TEFL. I also went manchester the day after my party and got a little lucky, but that went out with a fizzle a few months later. Seems I am cursed most people i reject for dates end up being taken and getting girlfriends, maybe i should y'know become like a matchmaker like in 'Hitch'. Apart from that I am now the proud owner of a new house in stafford, which is lovely i will post pictures when i get them as i'm moving some things in later on in the month, its near kfc which is excellent as it will cure hangovers. I've also completed all my uni work i just have to hand it in, but the stress has just cause me to gain spots and a coldsore, which just destroys my lack of allure even more. I also have a new job at weekends i work on a bar starting late evening and working till early hours of the morning its very tiring but saves me dipping into my overdraft a lot. Speaking of lack of allure, i had a difficult conversation with an ex, who says he misses me but doesn't want anything as he's trying to remain faithful in this relationship, eurgh, not that i want him back but it sure does mess with my head. I also need to beauty up soon as yours truly is doing a little modelling stint, I have two photoshoots coming up one on the 18th and one on the 22nd so hopefully this will boost my confidence if not atleast i have some pretty pictures to look at.

Ciao xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

So the above tiny pic, is my new haircut, practically the same as i had it a few months ago. I thought things in my life were changing so why not have a new look. As I may have previously stated I was moving from uni back home with my mum and brother, that all went well and i've settled in now, just trying to find a job whilst i continue with my TEFL course ( teach english as a foreign language) which is going well. I had a phone interview today as well which seemed to go well but i will know in a couple of days if i have progressed. I've been meeting up with my old friends, going to pubs and parties and even a posh dinner with my mum. I'm also trying to lose weight since doing my FYP and being with my ex, i'd put on almost a stone i'm using a fitness app on my phone to track my progress and hopefully i'll reach my goal weight of 9st 7 (133lbs) which isn't too bad from what i weigh now but i need a routine to stick to. Apart from all that i have to make regular treks to the library for internet so sorry if my posts are a bit sporadic, also i'm going to try and be a runner or help on the new batman movie since they're filming for two weeks in my home town, so lets hope something comes from that even if its volunteer work its still experience.

Ciao xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

So I've done not a lot and quite a bit this week, Work wise uni is over, I did my final presentation on wednesday it seemed to go well. Then socially I've been a kind of butterfly trying to please everyone, Wednesday i went out for a friends birthday, we had carvery and then we went to the pub for a few drinks which somehow turned into me being really drunk, I have no idea how that happened. Then I didn't really do much until friday where I went on a date with the guy I met last week and it wasn't brilliant, he wasn't much of a conversationalist and he didn't pay for me, which I think is like date ettiquette well especially on the first date anyway after that I don't mind going halves. Then after that I went out to the union with my best mate, but you wouldn't have thought it because I didn't see him the whole entire night it was quite ridiculous, so i socialised with people i knew flitting between groups and I was just chilling in the smoking area and got chatting to a really great guy who turned out to be into all the weird stuff I am, its brilliant when you meet another creative person, so I spent the rest of the night chatting to him and I didn't get home till 5 am. However lovely this guy was though he went home today which was disappointing because i would have really loved to have met up with him again, as it felt like there was something there but her lives all the way down near london.


Saturday, 14 May 2011

My room

I thought i'd show you were i have been living since i move out of here in two weeks, i dunno if you're interested but thought i'd show you anyway.

Drawers with clothes, all my beauty products, my spongebob bin :D

just my canvas picture with some fairy lights round it looks really nice at night.
More drawers with more clothes and my wardrobe, love my union jack cushions too they look vintagey.

Finally where i spend most of my time in my bed :)

Ciao xx

This is one of my favourite quotes from 500 days of summer, it kinda sums up relationships.

Anywhom friday the 13th got me bad last night, Firstly just before i left to go out, my mum phoned me asking if i could film her best friends wedding which is in vegas, and i tried but when i got back from my night out it had crashed due to the website crashing which was really sad. Then yeah i just felt bad for my mum, i tripped on the pavement walking to uni, then my ipod went dead, then i got to the uni and straight away bumped into my ex.

It was kinda nice bumping into him, cause he seemed like genuinely happy to see me and he was concerned for my upset which was lovely, i spent a lot of time hating him but i can now see we helped each other really well, and cause he knew i was sad he went and asked the DJ for my favourite smiths song to cheer me up, unfortunately the guy i was with/been flirting with didn't seem to have the same passion for music as i do,he asked for crystal castles though which was cool. But still the guy i was flirting with as lovely as he was he seemed more like a boy and i kind of don't want to go through that stage again and now it looks like i just pick dickish men and ditch the nice lads but still i dunno, i'm starting to feel more grown up but i'm not even looking for anything since i plan to move to thailand in like 3 months :).

Apart from that my night was pretty cool, didn't lose anything, didn't wake up with a hangover, however did wake up with racoon eyes haha. And another bad thing which happened was that i couldn't get a taxi home so i walked at 3 in the morning all the way back to my house i really have no idea how i did it drunk.

Ciao xx

Friday, 13 May 2011

Passionate about .....

Well thought it was time I showed you one of my main passions, which aside from tea is cooking.

English breakfast with boar sausages, farmers bacon, eggs and beans and toast
Lemon tart with a crumble base

Chicken stuffed with mozerella wrapped in parma ham with aparagus and roasted onions and tomatos

Spanish omelette with potato, onions, red pepper and oregano.
Salad with spinach, caramelised onions, chillies, yellow pepper, tomato drizzled in lime juice with a slice of fresh bread and oregano.

I shall leave you with this that came from my fortune cookie about a month ago,
'You will make many changes before settling satisfactory'.

Tonight i'm going out to a pirate themed night woop!

Ciao xx

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey, gunna try and be more active with this depends whats happening in my everyday life, but for now i can tell you about my weekend just gone.

I went to our union, which is just cheap drinks and such. The theme was western so i dressed up kinda cowboy-ish but in the end i'd lost both my guns, and my student card =[ which i have to pick up later today. I also ended up pulling a guy but he was kinda all talk and not very good where he should have been if you catch my drift... but it was really nice to see all my friends again and have a little dance and such.

Me and lawrence (my Best mate)
We went to Jeal mansion (or the house where my friends parents live) and had a BBQ before going to see Mr.Scruff, we went into a bar before heading to the gig and the irony was the bar was called dry bar but we were all wet from the massive rain storm that came just as we set off to leave. Then we went to the gig, i wasn't sure what to expect really but it was a bit of a everything and had a dance and Mr Scruff sells his own brand of tea at his gigs which is such an amazing idea so i was balancing out my alcoholic drinks with cups of tea and it worked i didn't get a hangover at all.

Ki and her friends at Mr.Scruff
Was basically just chilling out at the mansion, we started the day with a breakfast BBQ and a cup of tea, then after a while we decided we'd swim in the pool, been offered the night before but i thought drunk swimming probably would drown myself somehow and then after a long time of just messing about in the pool, the hot tub was kinda ready so we sat in the hot tub drinking beer and just enjoying the day. Then my best mate got dared to jump in the lake... the picture of him getting out is below and he did but then he tried to get lakey water on me which was gross. Then we got back to stafford and had kfc... I really don't think i could have celebrated the end of uni any better.

Ciao xx