Monday, 8 August 2011

So Take a Swallow As I Spit

So the above pictures are little snapshots of my party that i has for my 21st. Apart from that i've been on pure uni work and TEFL. I also went manchester the day after my party and got a little lucky, but that went out with a fizzle a few months later. Seems I am cursed most people i reject for dates end up being taken and getting girlfriends, maybe i should y'know become like a matchmaker like in 'Hitch'. Apart from that I am now the proud owner of a new house in stafford, which is lovely i will post pictures when i get them as i'm moving some things in later on in the month, its near kfc which is excellent as it will cure hangovers. I've also completed all my uni work i just have to hand it in, but the stress has just cause me to gain spots and a coldsore, which just destroys my lack of allure even more. I also have a new job at weekends i work on a bar starting late evening and working till early hours of the morning its very tiring but saves me dipping into my overdraft a lot. Speaking of lack of allure, i had a difficult conversation with an ex, who says he misses me but doesn't want anything as he's trying to remain faithful in this relationship, eurgh, not that i want him back but it sure does mess with my head. I also need to beauty up soon as yours truly is doing a little modelling stint, I have two photoshoots coming up one on the 18th and one on the 22nd so hopefully this will boost my confidence if not atleast i have some pretty pictures to look at.

Ciao xx

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