Thursday, 28 October 2010


Right first is my outfit and make up, i wanted to rock this liz lisa doll top up because i always feel that brand has to be in a sweet co-ordinate but i think i managed to pull it off, even though i apparently looked busty in that top.

Hair and make up, i thought i'd wear my giant headbow thats meant for my snow white out fit i think it went well but my hair definately needs more volume.
Here is my bento box from yesturday still trying to be healthly i'm managing well but sometimes i get cravings so i have an orange or some peanut butter on toast.
And finally this is a picture from the set yesturday, i was filming with my group for my film and sound project. We're doing it about insomnia which is really interesting for me as i had a problem sleeping a few weeks back when i was working for the bar and now i just sleep like a baby.

Will try and post tomorrow before i go to london but can't promise anything

Ciao xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Panda Bento

Quick face shot even though i'm still feeling ill, i love my bowler hat and my bow tie necklace. Promise you i am wearing make up but flash face =\

In an effort to eat healthier and control my portion sizes, i decided to make bentos for lunch.
This is my panda bento, i kinda got lazy with the panda and didn't give him a mouth.
Also in other news, i went to uni in the rain got wet feet just to find out my lecture was cancelled as is my thursday lecture meaning i only have a lecture on friday.... sometimes it makes me wonder why i bothered going to uni.
For this halloween i'm going as snow white and i'm gunna be spending it in london with my man and some of his friends.
Ciao xxx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Quick co-ordinate post

Military style inspired by mitsu's new W*C camo shorts she posted a nicer co-ordinate on her blog though.

I'm ill so no make-up shot cause i'd taken off most of my foundation by blowing my nose :( stupid flu. But i got some treats for myself shopping i got foundation, powder and a face and hair mask to pamper myself.

Ciao xxx

Friday, 22 October 2010

Picture spam & cinema

Few pics from my phone these were both taken on monday the first was trying to show off my outfit... and then the other was me messing about with vampire sweet fangs haha such a joker. I had two pints of beer that day and was tipsy it was really weird.

So yesturday i went to a japanese resturant called woktastic in birmingham, it was really nice and way better than the chain wagamama. We had gyoza and dim sum for starter but i didn't manage to take a picture of it as we ate it too quickly haha.

Me trying to look good whilst being ill, the cold and the wind made my hair frizz though :(
My main meal was chicken sesame soba noodles it was really nice.

Hulk smash!
Haha i had to take this picture. I'm wearing the dress i brought off Tori its so comfortable, i'm also holding my low fat frozen ben and jerrys yoghurt :). The film itself was very scary even scarier than the first, sound played a huge part in it though.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010


So last friday i had it off from work for a change so me and my man went out with a two of his friends in manchester i had a reallly nice night out and lots of cocktails we found this japanese cocktail bar that made traditional cocktails but they used sake in them too. It was really nice above is my outfit for the night i tried to take the best picture i could of my outfit.

Today i recieved my Glad news dress that i ordered from Tori.
You guys should check out her blog she does really nice co-ordinates anywhom this dress is everything i wanted and more. I'm gunna wear it on my date tomorrow, we're seeing paranormal activity and going to a japanese resturaunt in birmingham that actually does all you can eat for £10.99 which i can't wait for.
Job stuff: well i have work tonight but i have the flu eurgh terrible. But all i'm thinking is i finish this job on sunday at 6pm that'll give me more of a chance to concertrate on my studies like a good girl :)

Ciao xxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New ....

Hair again.

Also lets review some personal news, so my job i had was getting far too stressful so i've had to quit. I was working 28-30 hours and i asked for my hours to be cut but they slowly started creeping back up again, plus i couldn't continue working those kind of hours with my final year of university piling on top of me. Recently i have been craving to go to france again i think its cause i feel like i belong there so it would be nice right now when i'm feeling so lost.
I've also been dealing with some depression issues lately but i think that will dwindle down once i have finished working my final two weeks, which i know will be hell because another girl has quit the same time as me like a couple of days before me.

Thats all for now i will try to keep on top on my blogging i'm really sorry to those that are following me.

Ciao x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Flowering Tea

So a few days ago i found something really weird. Tea thats actually a flower and it blooms when you pour the hot water on it. I first saw this in marie atoinette the film and i thought it was only for that time, so i was really excited when i found this.