Sunday, 22 May 2011

So I've done not a lot and quite a bit this week, Work wise uni is over, I did my final presentation on wednesday it seemed to go well. Then socially I've been a kind of butterfly trying to please everyone, Wednesday i went out for a friends birthday, we had carvery and then we went to the pub for a few drinks which somehow turned into me being really drunk, I have no idea how that happened. Then I didn't really do much until friday where I went on a date with the guy I met last week and it wasn't brilliant, he wasn't much of a conversationalist and he didn't pay for me, which I think is like date ettiquette well especially on the first date anyway after that I don't mind going halves. Then after that I went out to the union with my best mate, but you wouldn't have thought it because I didn't see him the whole entire night it was quite ridiculous, so i socialised with people i knew flitting between groups and I was just chilling in the smoking area and got chatting to a really great guy who turned out to be into all the weird stuff I am, its brilliant when you meet another creative person, so I spent the rest of the night chatting to him and I didn't get home till 5 am. However lovely this guy was though he went home today which was disappointing because i would have really loved to have met up with him again, as it felt like there was something there but her lives all the way down near london.


Saturday, 14 May 2011

My room

I thought i'd show you were i have been living since i move out of here in two weeks, i dunno if you're interested but thought i'd show you anyway.

Drawers with clothes, all my beauty products, my spongebob bin :D

just my canvas picture with some fairy lights round it looks really nice at night.
More drawers with more clothes and my wardrobe, love my union jack cushions too they look vintagey.

Finally where i spend most of my time in my bed :)

Ciao xx

This is one of my favourite quotes from 500 days of summer, it kinda sums up relationships.

Anywhom friday the 13th got me bad last night, Firstly just before i left to go out, my mum phoned me asking if i could film her best friends wedding which is in vegas, and i tried but when i got back from my night out it had crashed due to the website crashing which was really sad. Then yeah i just felt bad for my mum, i tripped on the pavement walking to uni, then my ipod went dead, then i got to the uni and straight away bumped into my ex.

It was kinda nice bumping into him, cause he seemed like genuinely happy to see me and he was concerned for my upset which was lovely, i spent a lot of time hating him but i can now see we helped each other really well, and cause he knew i was sad he went and asked the DJ for my favourite smiths song to cheer me up, unfortunately the guy i was with/been flirting with didn't seem to have the same passion for music as i do,he asked for crystal castles though which was cool. But still the guy i was flirting with as lovely as he was he seemed more like a boy and i kind of don't want to go through that stage again and now it looks like i just pick dickish men and ditch the nice lads but still i dunno, i'm starting to feel more grown up but i'm not even looking for anything since i plan to move to thailand in like 3 months :).

Apart from that my night was pretty cool, didn't lose anything, didn't wake up with a hangover, however did wake up with racoon eyes haha. And another bad thing which happened was that i couldn't get a taxi home so i walked at 3 in the morning all the way back to my house i really have no idea how i did it drunk.

Ciao xx

Friday, 13 May 2011

Passionate about .....

Well thought it was time I showed you one of my main passions, which aside from tea is cooking.

English breakfast with boar sausages, farmers bacon, eggs and beans and toast
Lemon tart with a crumble base

Chicken stuffed with mozerella wrapped in parma ham with aparagus and roasted onions and tomatos

Spanish omelette with potato, onions, red pepper and oregano.
Salad with spinach, caramelised onions, chillies, yellow pepper, tomato drizzled in lime juice with a slice of fresh bread and oregano.

I shall leave you with this that came from my fortune cookie about a month ago,
'You will make many changes before settling satisfactory'.

Tonight i'm going out to a pirate themed night woop!

Ciao xx

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey, gunna try and be more active with this depends whats happening in my everyday life, but for now i can tell you about my weekend just gone.

I went to our union, which is just cheap drinks and such. The theme was western so i dressed up kinda cowboy-ish but in the end i'd lost both my guns, and my student card =[ which i have to pick up later today. I also ended up pulling a guy but he was kinda all talk and not very good where he should have been if you catch my drift... but it was really nice to see all my friends again and have a little dance and such.

Me and lawrence (my Best mate)
We went to Jeal mansion (or the house where my friends parents live) and had a BBQ before going to see Mr.Scruff, we went into a bar before heading to the gig and the irony was the bar was called dry bar but we were all wet from the massive rain storm that came just as we set off to leave. Then we went to the gig, i wasn't sure what to expect really but it was a bit of a everything and had a dance and Mr Scruff sells his own brand of tea at his gigs which is such an amazing idea so i was balancing out my alcoholic drinks with cups of tea and it worked i didn't get a hangover at all.

Ki and her friends at Mr.Scruff
Was basically just chilling out at the mansion, we started the day with a breakfast BBQ and a cup of tea, then after a while we decided we'd swim in the pool, been offered the night before but i thought drunk swimming probably would drown myself somehow and then after a long time of just messing about in the pool, the hot tub was kinda ready so we sat in the hot tub drinking beer and just enjoying the day. Then my best mate got dared to jump in the lake... the picture of him getting out is below and he did but then he tried to get lakey water on me which was gross. Then we got back to stafford and had kfc... I really don't think i could have celebrated the end of uni any better.

Ciao xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

This quote pretty much sums up my life. But I'll leave that a moment and tell you why i haven't been the best blogger ever... I've been doing my final year project and dissertation... most of the past few months... yes i know i've had the whole year to do it but i've had other modules to do on top of that so i didn't start concerntrating on it until recently.

Right, typical moaning about heartbreak you can skip this bit if you want, So i think last time i wrote in this blog i had a friend with benefits, now this friend with benefits asked me out on valentines day which was a major shock, but we both agreed it was nothing serious which basically meant to me don't plan for the future, however it meant to him not to fall in love with him. So 3 months, he had a gambling problem so he blew all his money, so i had to sustain him with cigarettes, food and drink, i never got that date i was promised and when we broke up i found he was going back to his ex and thats why he'd kept a lot of things secret from me, like going home to see his little sis, actually meant i'm going home to go swimming with my ex. After all of that i got a bit crazy and told his ex that he had previously cheated on her with me and that was true, but not exactly my place to say. Then a few days later i'd finished all my uni work and wanted to go out with my friends and it was fine until the actual night where people kept coming up and asking about my sex life, which is something i'm highly private about. So i asked my ex to not say anything again, we got into a big arguement where somehow he thought i had told people about it which i never would, i don't think other people would be interested in my sex life.

Anyway i was totalling up how my love life has gone so far ... recently its been dumped twice in four months, both going back to their ex's, Haven't been on a proper date for 3 and half months and haven't had sex in like 4 weeks. So whilst i want to give up on love and pretend it doesn't exist, I cannot help but still want it, its the romantic in me.

In other news, i've been planning on what i want to do after university since *fingers crossed* i graduate this july. I'm definately set on the idea of teaching english in thailand and then maybe travelling back across europe :). I have to take a TEFL course first but that shouldn't be too hard, i just want to start my new life already, i'm kinda bored here the same things happening and stuff.

Ciao xx