Saturday, 14 May 2011

This is one of my favourite quotes from 500 days of summer, it kinda sums up relationships.

Anywhom friday the 13th got me bad last night, Firstly just before i left to go out, my mum phoned me asking if i could film her best friends wedding which is in vegas, and i tried but when i got back from my night out it had crashed due to the website crashing which was really sad. Then yeah i just felt bad for my mum, i tripped on the pavement walking to uni, then my ipod went dead, then i got to the uni and straight away bumped into my ex.

It was kinda nice bumping into him, cause he seemed like genuinely happy to see me and he was concerned for my upset which was lovely, i spent a lot of time hating him but i can now see we helped each other really well, and cause he knew i was sad he went and asked the DJ for my favourite smiths song to cheer me up, unfortunately the guy i was with/been flirting with didn't seem to have the same passion for music as i do,he asked for crystal castles though which was cool. But still the guy i was flirting with as lovely as he was he seemed more like a boy and i kind of don't want to go through that stage again and now it looks like i just pick dickish men and ditch the nice lads but still i dunno, i'm starting to feel more grown up but i'm not even looking for anything since i plan to move to thailand in like 3 months :).

Apart from that my night was pretty cool, didn't lose anything, didn't wake up with a hangover, however did wake up with racoon eyes haha. And another bad thing which happened was that i couldn't get a taxi home so i walked at 3 in the morning all the way back to my house i really have no idea how i did it drunk.

Ciao xx

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