Sunday, 22 May 2011

So I've done not a lot and quite a bit this week, Work wise uni is over, I did my final presentation on wednesday it seemed to go well. Then socially I've been a kind of butterfly trying to please everyone, Wednesday i went out for a friends birthday, we had carvery and then we went to the pub for a few drinks which somehow turned into me being really drunk, I have no idea how that happened. Then I didn't really do much until friday where I went on a date with the guy I met last week and it wasn't brilliant, he wasn't much of a conversationalist and he didn't pay for me, which I think is like date ettiquette well especially on the first date anyway after that I don't mind going halves. Then after that I went out to the union with my best mate, but you wouldn't have thought it because I didn't see him the whole entire night it was quite ridiculous, so i socialised with people i knew flitting between groups and I was just chilling in the smoking area and got chatting to a really great guy who turned out to be into all the weird stuff I am, its brilliant when you meet another creative person, so I spent the rest of the night chatting to him and I didn't get home till 5 am. However lovely this guy was though he went home today which was disappointing because i would have really loved to have met up with him again, as it felt like there was something there but her lives all the way down near london.


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