Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey, gunna try and be more active with this depends whats happening in my everyday life, but for now i can tell you about my weekend just gone.

I went to our union, which is just cheap drinks and such. The theme was western so i dressed up kinda cowboy-ish but in the end i'd lost both my guns, and my student card =[ which i have to pick up later today. I also ended up pulling a guy but he was kinda all talk and not very good where he should have been if you catch my drift... but it was really nice to see all my friends again and have a little dance and such.

Me and lawrence (my Best mate)
We went to Jeal mansion (or the house where my friends parents live) and had a BBQ before going to see Mr.Scruff, we went into a bar before heading to the gig and the irony was the bar was called dry bar but we were all wet from the massive rain storm that came just as we set off to leave. Then we went to the gig, i wasn't sure what to expect really but it was a bit of a everything and had a dance and Mr Scruff sells his own brand of tea at his gigs which is such an amazing idea so i was balancing out my alcoholic drinks with cups of tea and it worked i didn't get a hangover at all.

Ki and her friends at Mr.Scruff
Was basically just chilling out at the mansion, we started the day with a breakfast BBQ and a cup of tea, then after a while we decided we'd swim in the pool, been offered the night before but i thought drunk swimming probably would drown myself somehow and then after a long time of just messing about in the pool, the hot tub was kinda ready so we sat in the hot tub drinking beer and just enjoying the day. Then my best mate got dared to jump in the lake... the picture of him getting out is below and he did but then he tried to get lakey water on me which was gross. Then we got back to stafford and had kfc... I really don't think i could have celebrated the end of uni any better.

Ciao xx

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