Friday, 6 May 2011

This quote pretty much sums up my life. But I'll leave that a moment and tell you why i haven't been the best blogger ever... I've been doing my final year project and dissertation... most of the past few months... yes i know i've had the whole year to do it but i've had other modules to do on top of that so i didn't start concerntrating on it until recently.

Right, typical moaning about heartbreak you can skip this bit if you want, So i think last time i wrote in this blog i had a friend with benefits, now this friend with benefits asked me out on valentines day which was a major shock, but we both agreed it was nothing serious which basically meant to me don't plan for the future, however it meant to him not to fall in love with him. So 3 months, he had a gambling problem so he blew all his money, so i had to sustain him with cigarettes, food and drink, i never got that date i was promised and when we broke up i found he was going back to his ex and thats why he'd kept a lot of things secret from me, like going home to see his little sis, actually meant i'm going home to go swimming with my ex. After all of that i got a bit crazy and told his ex that he had previously cheated on her with me and that was true, but not exactly my place to say. Then a few days later i'd finished all my uni work and wanted to go out with my friends and it was fine until the actual night where people kept coming up and asking about my sex life, which is something i'm highly private about. So i asked my ex to not say anything again, we got into a big arguement where somehow he thought i had told people about it which i never would, i don't think other people would be interested in my sex life.

Anyway i was totalling up how my love life has gone so far ... recently its been dumped twice in four months, both going back to their ex's, Haven't been on a proper date for 3 and half months and haven't had sex in like 4 weeks. So whilst i want to give up on love and pretend it doesn't exist, I cannot help but still want it, its the romantic in me.

In other news, i've been planning on what i want to do after university since *fingers crossed* i graduate this july. I'm definately set on the idea of teaching english in thailand and then maybe travelling back across europe :). I have to take a TEFL course first but that shouldn't be too hard, i just want to start my new life already, i'm kinda bored here the same things happening and stuff.

Ciao xx

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