Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sunshine moments

Well here it has been beautiful all week, the sun is shining, my boyfriend hosted a BBQ yesterday and it was delicious even if I am feeling a bit worse for wear at the moment. I still don't have a proper student card I need to pick it up tomorrow, it just means this uni is a joke. I finally got my loan in and unfortunately its only enough to pay rent and bills nothing else, no food or outings so I got upset about that earlier in the week. However, my gorgeous man has offered to help me out which is really lovely, my knight in shining armour, but yeah I generally hate borrowing money off people or relying off other people for money.

We went karaoke on Tuesday as well and got stupidly drunk on fish-bowl cocktails, I sang a few songs and made some friends even if I'm still cynical about the freshers all fresh faced and full of expectations, soon they'll just be brought down to the same cynicism as me.

However later today I'm going food shopping and going to eat the rest of my steak pie I cooked earlier in the week for my beautiful man, I feel like a proper housewife at the moment sorting out the house and meals whilst he's at university and supporting me financially aha, its kinda cute in a scary way, how quickly we've settled down with each other but sometimes you just feel a huge connection and that's what I think we have.

This Friday we're going out again drinking its 'my hero' night so I think I'll pull the old cat-woman outfit out to see if it fits me since my weight keeps fluctuating, sometimes when i eat too much I want to just get rid of the food in my body I mean I love the taste of food but sometimes I just feel like the world judges me if I put on a tiny bit of weight... I'm trying not to go back to my old ways though as I'm better than that.

Ciao xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Weeks gone by....

So this past week I've not really been doing much but hanging out, I went to the dentist on Tuesday and he told me I had a healthy mouth which was a shock, cause my previous dentist would always moan I'm not brushing my teeth properly so he's obviously wrong. Then in the evening I caught the train back and got dressed up to go to karaoke, which was fun but they didn't have the lyrics to the song I wanted to sing. Also should probably mention now that the guy I saw on Monday for my date is now my boyfriend and I really love him its strange cause like its early days and that's weird for me but we've been hanging out watching TV and playing games, I'm so ridiculously addicted to dead rising 2 but that's cause its pure zombie killing and simple controllers. Also went out last night it wasn't too bad apart from the bar was ridiculously packed and my claustrophobia went crazy, I thought I was going to throw up so much because people kept pushing me.

Today we're going to check out the carnival we have at the uni, its £3 and you get to go on unlimited rides plus they have cotton candy and a fancy dress shop and a BBQ but this also saddens me as our loans haven't come in yet so I'm literally surviving off my boyfriend. I'm going to pay him back in home cooked meals and get him a really awesome birthday present i might even make him a card or something y'know something sentimental cause thats how i am.

Ciao xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011


So finally moved into my new house, been a little busy to do a video tour like I planned to show. I'll get round to it once my room is tidy again, already developed a floordrobe. So basically been getting excited about my new house and geeking out to Doctor Who now its back, also now i have proper internet been catching up with true blood as well.

Apart from TV, I got very drunk on my second night back at uni, it wasn't brilliant whilst i wasn't buying many drinks i did manage to be completely drunk, black out most of the night and end up throwing up into a bag, it wasn't pleasant to deal with in the morning.

Then lets see monday I had a date, we went to the cinema to see inbetweeners which was hilarious and then we went to frankie and benny's after which was not bad conversation wise but i wouldn't say perfect date setting people constantly singing happy birthday, children and loud noise generally, I picked it though because the food is generally good but not this time so i might stop going there altogether really as that's the second time its been bad. After the date we went back to mine as it was close and had tea and watched some films it was going pretty cool until i broke my bed... so after this we trek across town at 6.30am so i can get some sleep this was after convincing and crankiness. Then i just seemed to spend the next few days at his and well to be honest it was pretty awesome, i won't go into the gorey details but he pleases me and we're pretty compatible on the weirdness scale we watched some Tv series, played zombie games and basically chilled out. And then it kinda hit me, i really liked this guy, let's call him dimples hehe, and well we basically decided to make it exclusive and even though i try not to admit it i'm pretty happy about it, it may seem a bit quick to you readers but we'd been chatting all summer and basically went from there. Anyway i'm truly sleep deprived so i'm gunna spend the evening eating cake and drinking tea whilst catching up with Tv shows.

Ciao xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011


So first of September, I'm going back to uni in a few days which will be nice to have my independence back and to see my friends. But anyway we'll get on with the title, I'm trying to get negative people out of my life so I can feel more positive. Have you ever been with someone who brings the whole mood down in the room? Well these are the people I'm talking about people who don't enjoy life, have no ambitions and just act like a black hole for positivity. I recently found these people affect my moods when I'm with them, so if I change this maybe I'll become happier and maybe even stop picking faults with how I look as this is what people will focus on. In other news I might be lining up the dates for when I go back to uni hopefully somethin may come out of it.
Ciao xxx