Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween and other things

Halloween is my favourite time of year, I want to buy all the kids things for Halloween and wear them everyday. This year for Halloween, I'm going as snow white again, this time I might zombie up or just go as normal snow white, I'll decide nearer the time.
I've been really busy recently trying to get my final year project proposal in and researching more, and job hunting and more recently trying to sneakily make my boyfriends presents, hehe which is cute but really hard to hide things.
The thing I'm most excited about this week is I'm getting a tattoo, its one I've been waiting for,for a while, this is one me and my mum are getting for symbolising my great grans passing away a few years ago so I'm travelling home on Friday evening to get it.
Another thing that's getting to me, is that I have an essay that I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing but I have two weeks to do it so I'll manage somehow.
I've been living at my boyfriends for like over two weeks now and strangely its not that bad i mean i'm really enjoying my time with him and its not bad at all, we cook and bake together which is amazing.


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happy World Zombie Day

So as I don't think I have ever stated in this blog, I have a huge love for all things zombie and I pretty much mean all... well apart from those creepy sex toy things or zombie porn, I mean seriously who watches/buys that stuff its just weird.
But to mark this occasion me and my man have decided to have a day where only the undead are involved now this doesn't mean eating mouldy food that's weird, but playing games with undead in and watching films with the undead in, which to me sounds super awesome. Financially my life isn't great I won't tell you how bad but lets say its made me resort to getting a job at McDonald's or at least applying. Apart from that I've kinda moved in with my man, now apart from usually being scared in these kind of situations, you know where it gets all cosy and you're just thinking when did I turn into one of those couples; Its actually really cool, as I can do my own thing and we can be with each other as well. Also this way we can look out for each other health wise and financially, I mean sure they'll be times where we'll still hang out at mine but I kind of like being at his, I get on with his housemates, I like the atmosphere and to be honest the only downside is at his house he has a single bed so its cramped sleeping conditions but we're still in that honeymoon cuddly in love phase.

Ciao xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


So yesterday I went on a walk with my man, it was really funny cause he was from the countryside kinda and I've grown up in cities all my life. So when we had to walk through a cow field he laughed so much when I was like 'OH my god, that cows coming towards us!' , I might add it was nowhere near us nor even remotely interested in us. But yeah it was lovely actually seeing the countryside but it took it out of me.

I've also been baking not the most amazing food but it was alright as well as making risotto, domestic goddess award here I come, haha not really i just like making people happy through food. Although i've been a terrible friend recently cause i feel too tired to do things or just constantly feeling like i've outgrown people like i was ready to leave university and now i'm not due to having to stay there but i feel like i'm much more grown up than my 'friends' as they're immature smoke and drink all the time i feel like i'm past that really.

Thats all i have to say currently as i'm working hard and trying to actually pass this year.

Ciao xx