Wednesday, 5 October 2011


So yesterday I went on a walk with my man, it was really funny cause he was from the countryside kinda and I've grown up in cities all my life. So when we had to walk through a cow field he laughed so much when I was like 'OH my god, that cows coming towards us!' , I might add it was nowhere near us nor even remotely interested in us. But yeah it was lovely actually seeing the countryside but it took it out of me.

I've also been baking not the most amazing food but it was alright as well as making risotto, domestic goddess award here I come, haha not really i just like making people happy through food. Although i've been a terrible friend recently cause i feel too tired to do things or just constantly feeling like i've outgrown people like i was ready to leave university and now i'm not due to having to stay there but i feel like i'm much more grown up than my 'friends' as they're immature smoke and drink all the time i feel like i'm past that really.

Thats all i have to say currently as i'm working hard and trying to actually pass this year.

Ciao xx

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