Saturday, 8 October 2011

Happy World Zombie Day

So as I don't think I have ever stated in this blog, I have a huge love for all things zombie and I pretty much mean all... well apart from those creepy sex toy things or zombie porn, I mean seriously who watches/buys that stuff its just weird.
But to mark this occasion me and my man have decided to have a day where only the undead are involved now this doesn't mean eating mouldy food that's weird, but playing games with undead in and watching films with the undead in, which to me sounds super awesome. Financially my life isn't great I won't tell you how bad but lets say its made me resort to getting a job at McDonald's or at least applying. Apart from that I've kinda moved in with my man, now apart from usually being scared in these kind of situations, you know where it gets all cosy and you're just thinking when did I turn into one of those couples; Its actually really cool, as I can do my own thing and we can be with each other as well. Also this way we can look out for each other health wise and financially, I mean sure they'll be times where we'll still hang out at mine but I kind of like being at his, I get on with his housemates, I like the atmosphere and to be honest the only downside is at his house he has a single bed so its cramped sleeping conditions but we're still in that honeymoon cuddly in love phase.

Ciao xx

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