Friday, 27 August 2010

Outfit post 2

Thought i'd try the scarf trend with my hair today however the scarf isn't long enough for a bow :(

I tried to get a close up of my make up today on my webcam but i think i failed, Sorry.
Outfit today
T-shirt:New look
Shorts: Internationale
Leggings: New look
Bangles: Dorothy perkins
Necklace: New Look

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Outfit Post

First off hair nd make up, i thought i'd curl my bob, and i'm sorry you can only see one eye and its quite over exposed :\

Hat:Tk maxx
Cardigan: my mums
Clock T-shirt: H&M
Shorts: Internationale
Tights:New look
Shoes:New look

I have to wear flats for work since i work behind the bar and i don't want to slip on something :)
I don't think its exactly fashionable but its comfy and its the little accesorries that make it.


One of my passions is cooking and food so i just thought i'd start posting sometimes what i've eaten :)

This is a jacket potato with quorn and veg coated in jerk seasoning it was nice and nothing fancy :)

This is just some berries and whipped cream that i had for dessert, i don't usually eat dessert but i like fruity things rather than chocolate, i guess that makes me a little bit healthier.

later on today i'll post what i'm wear to work along with my make up :)
Lots of Love Vee xx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I really love playsuits at the moment and am thinking about how i could make the playsuit work for winter i know they're making thicker wool ones with nordic patterns, so when i go shopping with my friend in 2 weeks i think i'm gunna look for a winter playsuit. Also do tights go underneath well with playsuits? Obviously the one above tights wouldn't go with that, i own that one :). The only thing i don't like about playsuits is that you have to take the whole thing off just to go to the toilet, so if you have a well co-ordinated outfit then you have to take it all off.

Lots of Love Vee xx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hot choc

As its getting colder here in england, i've started making hot chocolate with whipped cream :), i would of taken a pic of my cakes but they seem to be going quickly :(

heres me sipping on my hot chocolate with marshmellows & whipped cream. Sorry about the lack of make-up but its not really worth it just to post on my blog.

Lots of love Vee xx

Money saving tip

Just a quick post i've been in a baking mood today i will take pics of everything i have made :)
But now here is my money saving tip, i wanted mini marshmellows for my hot chocolate and whipped cream but they were twice the price of normal ones.

I brought normal ones and then..... chopped them up

Ta-da Mini marshmellows for half the price, its quite messy and sticky but definately worth saving a few pence especially being a student watching the pennies :)

Lots of Love Vee xx

Monday, 23 August 2010


So my housemate brought two degus yesturday they're soooo adorable. (picture above not ours) I will take a picture when ours aren't as shy... they're still getting used to each other, they're really clever like they keep trying to escape but its okay they won't manage. I've been talking to them today so they get used to me and now they squeak when i leave the room its soooo adorable.

In other news i got paid today woop, i did a little weekly shop which means i won't be living on noodles, it also means i can pay my rent and bills this month which i was really concerned about. I also need a little advice i have quite pale skin and most foundations i've tried which is usually the lightest they do, still look orange i just don't know what to do, I've heard about BB creams but i'm not even sure which one to get.

Lots of Love Vee x

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well the past few days i've not been exactly busy but the past nights i've been working from 8pm-1.30am and i won't usually get home till like 2am. So i am really tired but i'm just thinking about the money really, just to pay off my rent and bills really, i even made a basic shopping list today that comes under £10 whilst still getting all the essentials so i will get that when i have the money to as well. Tonight i am working yet again 6pm-12.30am, thats not really the scary part, the scary part is that i'm doing it on my own, yes me running a bar on my own, i am literally terrified, i will let you know how it goes and i'm hoping the bar isn't too busy.

Lots of love vee xx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Sorry for the bad photo i was just messing about with the webcam on my laptop, this is how i'm going to work tonight i decided to curl my bob :). Not really been eating much as i'm poor but second shift on the bar tonight 8pm-1.30 am and the same saturday and sunday i'm running the bar on my own it seems kinda scary to me but i hope i can pull it off and its all for rent and bill money so i'm really excited.
I'm also reading a book at the moment called A new earth, its about letting go of your ego, even if your not egotisical it states that your ego controls your decisions. I will tell you if it works when i'm finished.

Lots of Love Vee xx

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Well, i've noticed i'm getting a little chubby due to not really going out much, eating huge portions and not exercising. A reason i usually put exercise off is due to my asthma, but i've decided since i got this new bar job i want to lose weight, as i am on display most of the time. I generally if i go anywhere i walk most places, so its like a 20 minute walk to work and i thought okay i'm still not doing enough exercise.
So my plan is now to do a bootcamp cardio workout 3 days a week and yoga 3 days a week and a rest 1 day, i also plan to reduce my portion sizes.
Before anyone mentions that i may not be fat, i've had my BMI checked out and i am in the overweight bracket, this may be vistoral fat which is quite common in asian countries and is a serious health risk. I'm 5'3 and weigh 66kg, my weight should be somewhere in between 40kg-50kg.

Are any of you trying to lose weight? Have any tips?

Lots of love vee x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Before & after

I thought i'd show you all what my natural hair colour is and what i look like roughly around the age of 16. And how it compares with me now....

BEFORE : Blonde, little bit emo, not really got a fashion sense

AFTER: Dark redish hair, better make up skills, more fashion sense.

This is slowly my transition to gyaru and becoming a more fashionable person in general, its really weird to see how i've changed.
Have any of you had drastic changes in your appearance?

Lots of Love Vee xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

Good Job

First of all heres what happened when me and two friends tried to make a hello kitty pizza, i think we put too much cheese on :(

But what i'm seriously blogging about today is i join the ranks of the employed. YAY! I have recently accquired a bar job and not only that i also gained an interview at O2 which is a phone shop :) i have that interview today so i'll let you know how that gets on, even though my financial situation was scaring me a bit, i always remained positive and applied to numerous places in hopes of finding a job, and if i get this second job it will be good cause it means i can work in the day there and then at night at the bar. Being a student the amount of money i would get would make me very happy and i could start saving for travelling again =D.

Hope your all having a nice day :)

Lots of love Vee xx

Friday, 13 August 2010

Fashion Forward

So i've just had an offer from my good friend/housemate that if i could find a client to make clothes for he'd offer me the funds to do it. What i was thinking of making was like long tees/ dresses type things in cute ways, maybe some skirts.The designs obviously would have some taste of what i'm interested in. But what would you be interested in ?

Would any of you even be interested in purchasing anything?

New layout etc...

Right people, I have decided to change my layout i didn't like the roughness of the last one i s'pose this one reflects what i like now. I also noticed i gained another follower last night ^-^, which makes me want to keep posting, i never thought anyone would read my blog.

And last night there was a programme, on bbc3, about a girl called becki from the isle of man but she posted videos on youtube of her dancing and she became well famous in japan, and got known as beckii cruel, she also got a singing career from it and all at the age of 14. In a way i'm a little jealous of her as obviously i don't have a source of income right now, but also because i'd love to go to japan and blah blah blah..... But in a way i feel really proud for what she has done.

Lots of love Vee

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Now for those that know me i love sleep. I love sleep almost as much as i love food. But recently i've had problems sleeping which is making me cranky, making my skin look terrible and just causing weird moods.
So far i have tried most things to get to sleep apart from sleeping pills, i don't believe in sleeping pills due to i don't think one pill can cure something. The main reason i think i'm losing sleep is that i'm worrying alot about money and trying to find a job.

So people do you have any tips for getting a good nights sleep? Do you have trouble sleeping?

Love Vee xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Panda giveaway

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Saturday, 7 August 2010


So i went and got my hair cut, it was brave but inspired by detsu <3

What do you think? i'm still not sure about it but i think i like it :)