Friday, 25 November 2011

You set my skin a blazing

Well I don't have too much to type up here since I've gotten sucked into the tumblr hype but I will see what I think is post worthy.

I can actually afford to pay my rent this month after begging the bank to extend my overdraft so I could, I'm still waiting on benefits eurgh, if that doesn't go through I will have to use my university and try for this access to learning fund which is great for people in my situation. I just have to basically say I don't have a lot of money due to being part time and not being able to find a job and they should give me some extra money to help with my study and living costs.

Speaking of study, I've finally got photoshop on my laptop so I'm trying to get my skills up if anyone knows any tutorials that would help send them my way... I'm mainly looking at the moment for something that would help me look for video/DVD type things, maybe at a later date I'll look into photoshopping pictures for beauty purposes. Another project of mine includes making different paper maiche heads with balloons and newspaper as I'm looking into how to do 360 degree sound as its quite innovative and maybe will become as popular and hopefully not in a gimmick way that 3D has.

Dating life: Well pretty much been living round my boyfriend's for like a month and a bit now maybe a bit more who knows, its kinda comfy and nice but sometimes there is a bit of tension of not having your own space but its fine. I mostly do a lot of the housework if he plays games and stuff but recently I've given him more responsibility in cooking he made fajitas last night which actually were really good but I see it this way if he can cook as well i get a break from it once in a while.

Ciao xxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011


This is a picture of me and my boyfriend after watching the Christmas fireworks, it sounds ridiculous saying that in November but yeah in my university town they turned on the Christmas lights and had a mini carnival thing going on. We went with my boyfriend's housemate Rob too, he won a duck on hook a duck!.
Anyway it was really nice and romantic and I'm beginning to associate fireworks with our relationship when things get intense or something it somehow brings us closer which is amazing, he said that one day he wants to move in with me ^-^.
Basically not really done much the coming weeks even though I seem to be constantly busy its more like University work, looking for a job and trying to sort some sort of income so I can pay my rent this month, cause unfortunately I can't ask my mum for money like most university students can so I'm really learning the hardships of life at the moment. Being positive though that it will pick up and get better.

Ciao xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

KatoKathy's 1st Anniversary Giveaway

I Stumbled on this blog earlier today and found out she was doing a giveaway and isn't she sooo cute ^-^. Anyway this giveaway is open to internationals as well and includes :

1x Dolly Wink Pencil Sharpener
1x Daiso #6 Eyelash
1x Dolly Wink Eyelash #2 Sweet Girly
1x Majolica Majolica Jeweling Pencil Eyeliner (BK901)
1x Majolica Majolica Nail Polish (VI311) Lavender

+ Anyone (even internationals) can join and not just blogspot members. However they have to somehow advertise the giveaway online
+ MUST be a follower of her blog
+ Link back to this entry and leave the page where you posted it with your comment below
+ Comment with your name, email address, your blog/site/other url and the link of where you advertised my giveaway!
+ Deadline is December 10, 2011 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Drawing will be held the following day after

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Winter times

So I know technically its still autumn in England, but to me its starting to feel like winter. And I'm developing the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, its kind of like a depression when it gets cold and dark this time of year. I mean I've never really enjoyed playing out in the snow as a child but now whenever it gets cold I always get ill and so very sleepy.

To counteract this I'm trying to get better at make up if I have another photo shoot or just generally get my look together as I seem to spend more time in my boyfriend's clothes than I do actually mine. I'm also trying to grow my hair out which is another thing getting me a bit down cause I always get to the awkward stage of where its not quite long or short its in-between and then I just get it cut cause I'm like this isn't a hairstyle plus my hair grows rather thick it ends up looking bushy but I'm hoping to get past that so I can enjoy longer hair again as I can do much more with it than short hair.

Also I have ridiculously dry skin in winter, I'm washing with like simple soap with no additives or things like that and moisturising with cocoa butter lotion but it still seems like really tight and dry..... Do any of you readers have any tips for this? Maybe I'll add in a home made exfoliante to help get rid of the dry skin.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Items from this giveaway includes:

1) Candydoll lip concealer
2) Candydoll Mineral Powder
3) Luminous Change Eyelashes (4 pairs, 3 top & 1 bottom)
4) Dollywink Eyelash Case
5) Bihada Ichizoku Pink Lipgloss
6) Bihada Ichizoku Nude Lipgloss
7) Bihada Ichizoku Orange Blush

This is an amazing giveaway i hope you all join! It is open internationally and will close 23rd december 12pm GST
The winner will be announced christmas eve (24th december)

Ciao xx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sooooo ....

Now work and that has calmed down I can update you lovely readers on what has been happening firstly let me show you some Halloween things......
As you can see I dressed up as snow white whilst my boyfriend went as Eddie riggs from brutal Legend.... (hope he doesn't mind me putting his picture here)
Also as you can see at the start of this post we made pumpkins, mines the bat shaped one.
Been on a recent cooking hype as it calms me down when i've got a lot of work to do these are only two examples of what me and my boyfriend cooked.
Blackberry tray bake and cinnamon whirls. The blackberries were picked when me and my boyfriend went for a walk in the woods.....
I was getting pretty stressed this week due to an essay but i handed it in a day early so i'm much more relaxed and tomorrow i have to get up early but i'm okay with that because its for my own financial benefit.
I also applied for my old job back that i had two years ago, so hopefully something will come of that .
Upcoming things in my life include: meeting my boyfriends sister tomorrow, and basically being drunk the whole weekend as its my birthday weekend i might post his presents and some pictures from the party on here too :)
ciao xx