Thursday, 10 November 2011

Winter times

So I know technically its still autumn in England, but to me its starting to feel like winter. And I'm developing the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder, its kind of like a depression when it gets cold and dark this time of year. I mean I've never really enjoyed playing out in the snow as a child but now whenever it gets cold I always get ill and so very sleepy.

To counteract this I'm trying to get better at make up if I have another photo shoot or just generally get my look together as I seem to spend more time in my boyfriend's clothes than I do actually mine. I'm also trying to grow my hair out which is another thing getting me a bit down cause I always get to the awkward stage of where its not quite long or short its in-between and then I just get it cut cause I'm like this isn't a hairstyle plus my hair grows rather thick it ends up looking bushy but I'm hoping to get past that so I can enjoy longer hair again as I can do much more with it than short hair.

Also I have ridiculously dry skin in winter, I'm washing with like simple soap with no additives or things like that and moisturising with cocoa butter lotion but it still seems like really tight and dry..... Do any of you readers have any tips for this? Maybe I'll add in a home made exfoliante to help get rid of the dry skin.


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