Friday, 25 November 2011

You set my skin a blazing

Well I don't have too much to type up here since I've gotten sucked into the tumblr hype but I will see what I think is post worthy.

I can actually afford to pay my rent this month after begging the bank to extend my overdraft so I could, I'm still waiting on benefits eurgh, if that doesn't go through I will have to use my university and try for this access to learning fund which is great for people in my situation. I just have to basically say I don't have a lot of money due to being part time and not being able to find a job and they should give me some extra money to help with my study and living costs.

Speaking of study, I've finally got photoshop on my laptop so I'm trying to get my skills up if anyone knows any tutorials that would help send them my way... I'm mainly looking at the moment for something that would help me look for video/DVD type things, maybe at a later date I'll look into photoshopping pictures for beauty purposes. Another project of mine includes making different paper maiche heads with balloons and newspaper as I'm looking into how to do 360 degree sound as its quite innovative and maybe will become as popular and hopefully not in a gimmick way that 3D has.

Dating life: Well pretty much been living round my boyfriend's for like a month and a bit now maybe a bit more who knows, its kinda comfy and nice but sometimes there is a bit of tension of not having your own space but its fine. I mostly do a lot of the housework if he plays games and stuff but recently I've given him more responsibility in cooking he made fajitas last night which actually were really good but I see it this way if he can cook as well i get a break from it once in a while.

Ciao xxx

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