Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sooooo ....

Now work and that has calmed down I can update you lovely readers on what has been happening firstly let me show you some Halloween things......
As you can see I dressed up as snow white whilst my boyfriend went as Eddie riggs from brutal Legend.... (hope he doesn't mind me putting his picture here)
Also as you can see at the start of this post we made pumpkins, mines the bat shaped one.
Been on a recent cooking hype as it calms me down when i've got a lot of work to do these are only two examples of what me and my boyfriend cooked.
Blackberry tray bake and cinnamon whirls. The blackberries were picked when me and my boyfriend went for a walk in the woods.....
I was getting pretty stressed this week due to an essay but i handed it in a day early so i'm much more relaxed and tomorrow i have to get up early but i'm okay with that because its for my own financial benefit.
I also applied for my old job back that i had two years ago, so hopefully something will come of that .
Upcoming things in my life include: meeting my boyfriends sister tomorrow, and basically being drunk the whole weekend as its my birthday weekend i might post his presents and some pictures from the party on here too :)
ciao xx

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