Saturday, 24 September 2011

Weeks gone by....

So this past week I've not really been doing much but hanging out, I went to the dentist on Tuesday and he told me I had a healthy mouth which was a shock, cause my previous dentist would always moan I'm not brushing my teeth properly so he's obviously wrong. Then in the evening I caught the train back and got dressed up to go to karaoke, which was fun but they didn't have the lyrics to the song I wanted to sing. Also should probably mention now that the guy I saw on Monday for my date is now my boyfriend and I really love him its strange cause like its early days and that's weird for me but we've been hanging out watching TV and playing games, I'm so ridiculously addicted to dead rising 2 but that's cause its pure zombie killing and simple controllers. Also went out last night it wasn't too bad apart from the bar was ridiculously packed and my claustrophobia went crazy, I thought I was going to throw up so much because people kept pushing me.

Today we're going to check out the carnival we have at the uni, its £3 and you get to go on unlimited rides plus they have cotton candy and a fancy dress shop and a BBQ but this also saddens me as our loans haven't come in yet so I'm literally surviving off my boyfriend. I'm going to pay him back in home cooked meals and get him a really awesome birthday present i might even make him a card or something y'know something sentimental cause thats how i am.

Ciao xxx

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