Friday, 11 February 2011

There is only Love and Death

So i would do a beautiful post of what i was doing valentines, but i'm attending bitter singles' day instead. I don't really get the hype of valentines, if i was in a relationship sure i'd like to be pampered but i wouldn't wanna go to a pricy resturaunt just cause its valentines or have overpriced gifts, i'd just enjoy a picnic by the river at night and stare up at the stars. Yes i'm a hopeless romantic, i just want someone to show me love does exist because most of my relationships seem to last the span of 1 month -3 months, am i really that hard to be with? I know i have issues but surely everyone does its what makes them unique. This is basically a rant of why does it have to be one special day and why does it always make single people feel like crap, yeah we could do things, but you'd be surrounded by couples and crap and feel even worse.

Right lets update you on my life, if we can call it that, i feel like i've been ditched by my" friends" but i did kinda go off and have sex with someone who's a friend, Friends with benefits, now isn't that another complicated situation in my life, we both really like each other but he wants a rebound girl or in simple terms a bit of time to sleep around, now i shouldn't be mad cause we're not together but hes offered me a date in march so its all a bit confusing. But that also gives me a free ticket for a while not that i would, i'm not that kind of person, but its there. Apparently i kissed someone last friday which i do not remember my drinking habits need to slow down there.

Ciao xxx

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