Monday, 13 June 2011

So the above tiny pic, is my new haircut, practically the same as i had it a few months ago. I thought things in my life were changing so why not have a new look. As I may have previously stated I was moving from uni back home with my mum and brother, that all went well and i've settled in now, just trying to find a job whilst i continue with my TEFL course ( teach english as a foreign language) which is going well. I had a phone interview today as well which seemed to go well but i will know in a couple of days if i have progressed. I've been meeting up with my old friends, going to pubs and parties and even a posh dinner with my mum. I'm also trying to lose weight since doing my FYP and being with my ex, i'd put on almost a stone i'm using a fitness app on my phone to track my progress and hopefully i'll reach my goal weight of 9st 7 (133lbs) which isn't too bad from what i weigh now but i need a routine to stick to. Apart from all that i have to make regular treks to the library for internet so sorry if my posts are a bit sporadic, also i'm going to try and be a runner or help on the new batman movie since they're filming for two weeks in my home town, so lets hope something comes from that even if its volunteer work its still experience.

Ciao xx

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