Friday, 9 December 2011

One of 'those' days....I

As the title states it has been one of those days, I really do try to stay positive when winter comes around but I can tell you its hard. Winter is a perfect excuse to try new flavour teas though that seems to cheer me up.

Anyway I went to the job centre and they still seem to think I am a full time student even though I have given evidence opposing this fact. I also made a slight mistake when I uploaded my passport I sent the wrong upload to McDonald's and now I feel a bit of an idiot and fear they won't hire me for my silly mistake.

Next is the first thing that triggered my bad day as I have short hair I sometimes struggle curling it, so I thought that I would try the no heat curling method apart from them being an absolute pain to sleep in, I just kept thinking about my beautiful curly hair in the morning. Except it wasn't, I looked like a poodle or one of those old lady perms. I got so angry I think I scared my poor boyfriend but he was a saint as usual let me have my tantrum and went to make me breakfast.

Then when we were walking to his with all our heavy stuff from mine, it started raining and hailing and me not being smart only has shorts and tights at the moment so I was freezing and wet and complaining. I hate the cold at the best of times I might add, so when I get money I am definitely investing in a pair of jeans.

Oh and might not actually have enough money to get home for Christmas.

Ciao xx

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