Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So today began the first three of my meetings I might add these are all to get money so I can afford christmas gifts for my family, close friends and my boyfriend.

So this meeting was to get some money from my university, the guy doing the presentation looked like a 1930's train station master and was really eccentric. But anyway it meant that i could get my form signed and then I have to hand it in once i have an envelope for the application. But that was boring.

Thursday I have an interview for McDonald's not exactly glamorous but it pays and hopefully I can get something and my christmas job won't stop me. It's an on job evaluation interview, which means you do a little bit of work like what you'd be doing if you got the job and then you have a normal interview, which worries me because I get really nervous in interviews but i should be okay.

My final meeting this week is another one at the job centre which i don't know why i bother because its not like they are helping me to get a job, or actually paying me benefits which i'm entitled to which is why i hope the university one can help me much more.

Whilst all of this is going on i have to make a working dvd like professional quality i'm not even sure i can do it but i will try my best i have to, so i can pass and get my degree i would really like to graduate this year so i can actually get on with my life which will actually probably consist of me saving up money so i can teach overseas.

I'm also super sad because i can't see my mum before she leaves for her holiday and she's not going to be around for christmas and I'll only see her a few days before i go visit my boyfriend for new year's eve.

Anyway that's why i'm super busy, but my boyfriend has been amazingly supportive with everything i don't know what i'd do without him. We're both going to karaoke tonight for a friend's birthday even though we can't afford to buy drinks it'd be nice to socialise.

Ciao xx


  1. i'm really interested how's the mcdonalds uniform like in your country!

    in singapore, it's red top and black pants! hahaha..
    sometimes blue top...

    but they usually wear festive hats... so i find it really cute.. wahahhaha

    good luck for all your interview!
    hope you graduate with flying colours~

  2. Aww thank you, If I get the job I'll get my boyfriend to take a picture of me in the uniform ^-^ xx