Monday, 12 December 2011

Comfort Food

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My comfort food is usually anything involving potato and/or cheese and the bacon was an added plus.
All I did was gain these ingredients enough for two or one if you're having a particularly bad day.
-4 medium potatos
-Cheese (about a handful or more)
-Bacon ( about 4 rashers)

Chop potato into wedge like shapes and depending on how you like your bacon ( I like mine crispy) put small chunks of bacon in with the potatos on a baking tray at 180C or 350F. Just before they are due to come out add a handful of cheese and melt. Serve and instantly feel better.

What is your comfort food?

Also for those of you wondering my DVD project is coming on okay now although I still need to test it (my boyfriend just tested it and it works hurray!) and make a front cover but its almost to handing in. Also need to print the flowchart.
Money wise, still no news on that front. Rang the job centre my appeal is still going through, Student finance sent a letter and refused to tell me so I could tell my mum to fill it out. Also called my Christmas job but no-one picked up (-_-') so will try again tomorrow so I can find out my shifts for working. Then tomorrow, hand in, probably call my mum / work and maybe the crisis loan people so I can actually pay my rent. For those of you worrying my situation should be better in the new year and I can contribute with fun posts and maybe more recipes, I'm hoping to bake tonight so maybe I will post the recipe to that at some point.... Should really queue posts up for when I'm not feeling up to blogging so i won't bore you with my sadness.

Ciao xxx

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