Sunday, 11 December 2011


So I have my deadline in literally two days so that's why I took a day off blogging and today on a Sunday I have literally spent the whole time trying to do this DVD project. But I am feeling a bit more confident with it now since my lovely boyfriend fixed some technical problems I was having, it really makes me wonder why I did a technology course instead of an art one.
But now tomorrow all I need to do is design a front cover, subtitles and burn to disc ready for hand in. It's so exhausting as well as all that I have to make several phone calls, remember to eat and keep trying to get money so I can buy presents and pay my rent at the end of the month.....
In fact its been really hard today to remember to actually eat as I've been so stressed on this project, but I've just gone over the marking criteria and I seem to have met everything they want apart from creative and innovative ways for the DVD as its actually really hard to make a proper DVD.
Also after my interview at McDonald's, I got an e-mail saying I haven't got the job, I'm just going to put that down to already having a Christmas job (that's one of my phone calls tomorrow) and being too over qualified. They mostly hire school leavers and I'm almost on my way to getting a university degree, so I'll just keep applying for the Admin jobs I have been.

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