Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ramen and Interview

This is the picture of mine and my boyfriends ramen from the university shop yesterday I got hot and spicy and my boyfriend got chicken, his tasted like sunday roast dinner. We put extra chicken in not sure if that helped. Today we're trying beef and kimichi flavour, although my boyfriend informs me that kimichi is just like rotten cabbage. We'll see how it goes haha. \(^-^)/

Today I had my interview at McDonald's, it went really well as it was simple customer service questions and in the on job evaluation it was basically watching someone else do it and them telling me always offer large because that makes the most profit, also makes your waistline grow. Anywhom I can't get a definitive answer about the job until I scan in my passport and e-mail it to them, I might show you my passport photo on here since it looks nothing like me if anything i look of Asian decent which is weird cause I'm 100% English. But yeah it was a 40 minute walk in the cold and wind at 10.20am and then when I left it was raining and I couldn't even put up my umbrella because the wind was so strong it kept blowing it inside out. (-_-')

Anyway thats it for now

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