Friday, 2 July 2010

How thin is too Thin?

Right this is just an article i wrote about my views on dieting, again i know that naturally skinny girls get the same amount of prejudice as women with curves.

In the 1900's, the perfect size for women was between 16-18[uk]. These days this sizing is seen as large or plus size, what changed our opinion? Magazines try to teach us to embrace our curves or to look at our figure, Tv shows tell us how to look good naked for any shape or size, yet we are surrounded by diet shows, low fat food and the fight of girls wanting to be a size zero [size 4 in uk]. We hear the average size of women today is between 12-14, how did this change from the 1900's when there seems to be less homecooked food and more fast food? Has our busy lifestyles caused our average weight to change or are we just obsessed by dieting?

Models on the catwalk ranger from the extreme size zero to a tiny size eight, models above a size eight are classed as plus sized models.How is this impacting out perspective on what size women need to be to be 'beautiful'? One designer,Mark Fast, during london fashion week put only plus sized models on his catwalk, to try to fight the backlash of size zero but why can't designers do this all the time? Make clothes for the average woman, this is the market audience they are trying to reach after all. And its not just western women that feel this pressure, even in the east where women have tiny frames, they still feel the need to diet, to weigh nothing more than a feather, all their fashion magazines filled with diet tips, ideas of how to lose weight such as staying in a hot bath up to the waist for forty minutes and these are the standards they have learnt from their idols, most of which happen to be hollywood stars.

What example are we setting girls of the next generation? How thin is too thin? We know the perfect weight doesn't exist so why do we try so hard for a perfection that doesn't exist? In my opinion, beauty is what you percieve it to be if you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin then you are [as long as you are healthy]. Confidence is what makes women beautiful not size or weight. And remember a smile makes you instantly more beautiful.

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