Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Blogging motivation

Right now i've not really had the motivation to blog due to breaking up with my boyfriend. Its hard for me because i've never really been single long, its not cause i'm pretty or anything or go looking for it its just people come to me.

So friday night i went out for a joint birthday party mine and this other girls, it was meant to be a wheres wally theme but i just dressed how i felt like dressing.

Currently i am waiting on two packages i really hope they come, one is a lucky pack of mixed brand gyaru stuff and the other is two magazines August nuts and Edges style. I'll post pictures of my haul. Also waiting for a package off my friend for my birthday :)

Also really loving the mode trend a persuaded myself to buy a black lace top cause my mum got me some shoe boots for my birthday [ which i also need to post about my presents] but the black lace top makes me feel self conscious about my body so i've decided i'll do a workout dvd and yoga everyday to try and get myself into shape it should also help with how i'm feeling currently.

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