Monday, 19 March 2012

Been Busy

Sorry I've been a bit M.I.A I really am a bad blogger, but I've actually been really busy. Firstly with my studies I had a deadline coming up with making a music video and such; then helping my boyfriend and our friend with a podcast and then me and my boyfriend went to see Florence and the Machine as it was a valentines gift to my boyfriend and most recently I've caught this flu thing going around my university. I've also been trying to work really hard at losing weight but I've been having some bad days with being tired or lazy or just having a bad day, but amazingly I seem to have lost two pounds and 1% body fat but I'm still in the 11st(just under 160lbs) category which I don't want to be in. But just so you know what's been happening here is some pictures to show I'm alive:
Here is me and my boyfriend just before Florence and the Machine concert started, I didn't get any pictures of her playing because I was too busy enjoying myself and dancing.
Krispy Kreme donuts, I told you I was being bad on my diet, but we only wanted 6 but for 6 extra donuts it was only 60p thats 10p per donut so my boyfriend wanted to get it.He ate 8 of them and I ate 4 not in one sitting they actually helped me survive the concert.
The weekend before I think, was my friends birthday so we went out and the theme was heroes and villains, so I went as the silk spectre from Watchmen. But this is the shapewear I wore underneath to keep all my lumps and bumps in place, and my phone case took a tumble that night and broke but I should be able to fix it with superglue.

And here are my space nails which I tried from this tutorial which actually worked really well, its actually rare make-up things go well for me.

Well I'm off now to try and get better and exercise.


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