Thursday, 7 June 2012

New layout // Ramblings

Drinks with Will 
 So I've gotten inspiration for blogging again. I changed my layout so it seems fresh and new. Hmm so last time I updated me and my boyfriend had gone to see florence and the machine so that was in March.

It's now May so what did I do in between those months, basically I did my dissertation, carried on looking for jobs, entered GradEx which is a graduate exhibition which occasionally helps students get jobs; unfortunately I got nothing. I had an interview that day too but I didn't get the job.

I also went home to see my mum and family and well we didn't do a lot just ate out a lot and did a little bit of shopping and went drinking, I drank far too much as per usual.

Now we're up to date, this week has comprised of house viewings, one which has been successful so me and my boyfriend will have a place to live next year. However that means the pressure to get a job is really on, but I am trying my hardest.
We've also been swimming twice in a week and we're going to make it a regular thing like twice a week to get healthy, although I've been healthy eating and such anyway to try and lose a stone I've somehow put on. 
After swimming today we went to the pub, had a healthy chicken burger and salad although Will had chips haha and soft drinks pictured above. 

Then, because of the bad weather we went to the supermarket to get some hot chocolate that is what rainy days call for. So I went and showered to get the chlorine off me and now I'm relaxing with a hot chocolate. 

I also forgot to mention we have a kitten, but unfortunately we have to get rid of him for numerous reasons, the number one being he's too expensive and a little bit violent and I have a condition that if I have even the tiniest cut that I can have an epileptic fit. So I'm going to finish my hot chocolate and enjoy my night on the internet whilst in my pjs. 

My owl pjs. 

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