Friday, 8 June 2012

Lazy day

My slice 
So today has consisted of me basically being lazy in my pjs, I even woke up at 11am which is pretty late for me now. 

I made breakfast and looked outside to see it raining and blowing up a gale, so it was decided that it was a lazy day and I haven't really moved far from the bed apart from to get drinks and food. 

Good news though, I got a call today and someone might be willing to re-home the kitten. So that might be another thing less to worry about and then all I'd need to stop worrying is a job which would be gladly welcomed.

I decided after dinner that I wanted something sweet but I didn't want to trek outside to the shop to get some chocolate or something. So I used up the lemon curd that one of my boyfriend's housemates left when they moved out and made a lemon curd victoria sponge. It's quite tasty but at 468 calories it's going to have to be a treat and not a regular thing. 

Tomorrow, I have to do boring things like grocery shopping and general errands but hopefully the farmers market will be on and my tea lady will be there, she hasn't been for the past few weeks which makes me sad she sells lovely loose tea blends. 
Full cake

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