Saturday, 16 June 2012


Lace Dress// New Look 

So thought I'd post on Wednesday I did a bit of shopping to cheer me up about giving up the kitten. I got this lace dress (left) and its something I would have never picked ever, my boyfriend actually said to me why don't you try it on. So I did and I loved it, I love the way it makes me feel like a princess or just very girly. I'm not one for girly things but I'm getting there, in fact I was quite tomboy-ish growing up as I hung out with mainly guys. Anyway apart from this dress, I also got a learn Japanese book and I got some more gel eyeliner, I gave my previous one to my mum as she liked it so much.

Onto today, it was a normal explore town and then go grocery shopping day, so we did our usual visit oxfam charity shop and I found this little gem hidden amongst old lady style clothes. It is a Ted Baker dress that should have been £30 in the Ted Baker sale it seemed (still had tags on) and I got it for a mere £10. I think its perfect to wear to graduation.
Ted Baker Dress//Charity Shop

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