Monday, 22 November 2010

Erotica 2010

Erotica is a 3 day event for 18+ obviously, it is where people can indulge in their adult fantasies. They had daily shows and many shops exhibiting things from fetish wear to normal things like jewellery.The shows were mainly fire dancers, burlesque performers and just general strippers. They also had a latex fashion show.

So i travelled to london on the friday as i was going to this event on the saturday as i had a lecture on friday heres me counting down the minutes.

So Saturday, we got up at 10 am so we could have a full english and i could beautify myself. I wanted to look so good because i had a chance to meet my idol Dita Von Teese.

So after numerous rides on the ever packed tube, i hate it i really do because a lot of lines on the underground don't work and thats why it was soo busy. As soon as i walked into Erotica they gave me a glitter heart tattoo, which lasted all weekend.

We wandered round looking at the stores and stuff, and i was a little hungry but we stumbled onto Dita Von Teese's tent so i immediately got in the queue being nervous and excited i forgot all about my hunger. The guy who was managing the queue said there may be a chance that we won't get to meet her which made me more determined to meet her . We waited in the queue for like an hour... Finally we got to the front of the queue and then she disappeared and i was like oh no i'll never get to meet her... but then she came back after like 10 minutes i guess she went to the toilet or something. When i got in i was shaking so much and trying not to cry and she told me not to be so nervous. Looking at her she was flawless in everyway so beautiful.

After this we went to get something to eat i just choose a salad and didn't eat much of it as i was still shaking. After this we did some shopping, i brought a corset, a tutu and a cupcake dress all fit beautifully i only have a picture of my corset though sorry.

Excuse my hair and my face this was after travelling back on sunday but it fits so lovely i'm so happy with it but when the woman in the shop laced it for me i almost died but it makes me feel so sexy wearing corsets. I saw a beautiful one for £200 maybe one day that shop made corsets for Dita. Later on we watched Dita perform her show 'The opium den' which was quite good but i was expecting more pizzaz, there would be a video of this but you weren't allowed to take photos or videos of the show. The music she danced to was by The cure which i was really amazed at because i found it on my ipod. But i was so amazingly happy that day but boy was i glad to get home my feet started hurting because of my heels but i was determined to keep fighting.
I'll leave you with a co-ordinate of sunday where basically i was preparing for going home and eating sunday roast.

Ciao xxx

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