Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Weekend

I know this is late but i was in london for the whole weekend and i would have blogged via my phone but the battery went dead since i kept looking on facebook haha.
So saturday we went camden for shopping, i brought a panda t-shirt and some fake eyelashes and my man got me some skull cupcake hairslides. We went to a japanese/vietnamese resturaunt and both had bentos as above, we also had some dumplings but i think they made me ill. In the evening we went to a party here are mine and my man's costumes, i was snow white and he was a 70's cop

I got very drunk and fell over and also the hangover took its toll, and not one of my most gracious moments but shopping the next day, i threw up into a bin i know classy right. I haven't drank in ages so i didn't know my limits i just think maybe i shouldn't actually drink, i don't like the taste nor the after effects :(.
But all in all i had a great weekend even though it was very tiring, i feel asleep on the train back hehe.

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