Monday, 15 November 2010

Sickness and Health

So recently i caught a stomach bug, which was last week. I actually thought i was going to die it was that bad, i caught it wednesday and decided to take thursday off from university just incase i could have passed it onto anyone else. I thought i was better friday but I started feeling really faint but i went to my lecture and tried my best.
From this sickness i lost some weight and i want to keep it off so i can get closer to my goal of 8st 12 although i will be quite sad if my curves disappear, i remember being 12 and always wanting hips so i could wear hipster jeans. So today i spent an hour on the wii fit, 30 mins doing general aerobic and muscle exercise and the other 30 mins doing yoga which is something i really love doing. I also went to the supermarket made a meal plan and got everything i needed for this week along with some christmas presents.

I have some exciting things coming up soon anyway so you might get some pictures of this, I am going to see dita von teese perform at the erotica 2010 in london this weekend which is like a dream for me as she encapsulates the sex appeal i want. And the weekend after i have a date with a guy i met at hed kandi we've been texting for over a week now since we met, which makes me get my hopes up a little but its meant to be a light hearted just see where it goes. In case any of you are wondering the previous guy i was with [my housemate] we figured it wasn't working and that we were just really close friends.

This has turned into a really long post, i'm sorry if any of you manage to read this i will be impressed though.

Ciao xx

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