Friday, 17 December 2010

The Past Becomes You

Round this time of year I always look back and see what i have accomplished and basically reflect upon the year gone by.
So Lets look at some of my achievements this year :
-The first one that springs to mind is living in another country (Greece). This was a massive acheievement within my life, firstly I wanted to live in another country to prove my independance at first it felt like a holiday but then i became massively homesick and then i got over that and got on with it. Whilst there i learnt the language which everyone always looks at me and goes isn't greek a really hard language to learn and yes it was but thats why i felt i'd accomplished something i felt really good and i made some amazing friends within that time.
-I found a house after my boyfriend at the time decided he didn't want to live with me which was difficult and has led to some difficult times this year due to other circumstances.
-I got a job because i only had £7 of my overdraft left which made me realise that money means a lot to me.
-I also survived heartbreak and met another beautiful person who teaches me money doesn't matter as long as you enjoy what you are doing.
-In a way i realised how much my family means to me, being away from them and then seeing them again really put things in perspective but i still want to move to another country in the future.
Things i need to consider next year :
- What i'm going to do with my job wise as my degree is coming to an end, i mean i know what i want to do but its just getting there really.
- Future life... like where i'll live, who i want to keep close after this experience at uni and maybe even potential love life.

This is a really long post but its putting things into perspective for me and Well on that note.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!!!!!

Ciao xxxx

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