Friday, 13 January 2012

B.B Cream

So I thought I'd post a little review of this BB cream I brought over Christmas, one reason I got it is because I'm so pale I can never really get a moisturiser to match and the other was because I'd heard good things about it.
It comes in two colours light and medium, I obviously went for light but was a bit worried because when I used the tester it seemed a bit dark still. However when I used it, it matched my skin tone very well probably because its more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation.

Texture: The texture at first felt like it would be heavier than foundation but as soon as I started applying it, it felt light on my skin, as there is one thing I hate is feeling my make up on me.
Smell: I actually really love the smell of this is smells like apricots which is great as most things for your face smell like chemicals or just plain disgusting but I don't mind wearing this as it smells really nice.
Application: The application of this product is really easy I use it like a moisturiser which technically it is as well as providing protection against UVA rays its has a SPF 15 in it. Coverage is quite good, but it will need to be reapplied throughout the day. Also just a little side note if you have acne or other skin conditions it doesn't seem to cover these, I had a spot on my chin and it basically pointed out to everyone as it lightens as well.
Overall: I would buy this product again definitely I don't know what it compares like against its asian counterparts but as an international product its pretty good. I get good coverage and it lightens and matches my skin tone.

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