Sunday, 8 January 2012


These are the cupcakes my mum got me for Christmas in lemon,vanilla and chocolate.
This quiche I baked for my nan as a Christmas present it was spinach and feta, I was really impressed and will be making quiche more often.
Package off my friend Ivana from Prague. There is a cat hand warmer with lavender, Caramel tea which is slightly bitter and beer hair balm which I haven't tried out yet.

This was our family Christmas tree.

For the holidays I didn't do much since I was working at the bar and on top of that we were redecorating my room. For Christmas day I went to my nan's for dinner as my mum was on holiday but I was working boxing day so I couldn't drink too much so I just ate a lot. For New years I went to visit my boyfriend in reading and did a little shopping I got underwear, some much needed jeans and a new satchel style bag as mine was broken. We went to lunch at wagamama's where I discovered my boyfriend had never used chopsticks before so he tried using them to eat gyoza and a bowl of ramen, he managed it luckily and he's getting better at trying new things which I appreciate. He came to visit mine for a few days as well and met my mum I think it went well and we went to Nando's. I think I can understand why I've put on a stone over the holidays which I will work off. From now on its healthy eating and trying to lose weight and hopefully by the end of this year me and my boyfriend will have a flat to move into, we have to start looking this semester. Also speaking of moving I have changed rooms to the smaller room in my house which is £90 a month cheaper and amazingly all my things fit into it so finances should be better although I still need to get onto student finance about that. Also a little surprise over the holidays I won eveychuas giveaway so I look forward to receiving that in the post.

Ciao xx

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