Saturday, 11 February 2012

Little bit of shopping!!

So me and my boyfriend went to the farmers market, my boyfriend found a blackcurrent and apple brandy, we both decided to settle on a boar pie which we're going to have for dinner with homemade chips tonight. The last thing we got was duck eggs which have sentimental value to me as they were my great grandmothers favourite and they always remind me of her.

We also wandered round town just generally and we checked out a new goth shop that had popped up and I wish I didn't, I really like goth fashion but this was very tacky and cheap. We then stopped at cafe nero for a quick coffee which was really nice, I don't know why people spend lots at starbucks when its just as lovely. I popped into the charity shop too as they had a teapot I liked last week, and it was still there so I decided to buy it. As a treat for my boyfriend even though he's paying me back I got him a new game he's been wanting for 8 months, it sounds really interesting which is why I wasn't that bothered about getting it.

That's all for now xxx

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